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Urban Pet Supply

Urban Pet Supply has been dubbed "the health food store for pets" by its customers.  And with good reason; currently, Urban Pet Supply carries several lines of all-natural dog foods and all-natural cat foods.  At Urban Pet, customers will find a wide range of natural pet treats and chews, along with supplements for specific pet needs such as mobility issues, immune system strengthening and digestion aids.  

Urban Pet Supply stocks a vast assortment of accessories for all sizes of pets:

  • Collars and leads, from hemp to studded leather
  • Ergonomically designed leads
  • Harnesses for all breeds
  • Toys of all types
  • Bedding, in a wide range of prices

Customer Service First

Urban Pet Supply is owned and operated by Marcia May, former owner/operator of a pet-sitting business for 10 years.  Her brand of customer service is “hands on.”  Marcia's passion for pets guarantees that all her customers get the concentrated attention they deserve, along with the benefit of the knowledge she gained in a decade of working with animals and their people.

Her "associates" Romey and Henry also lend a hand in making everyone feel special and welcome.


Urban Pet Supply